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"Nuclear energy? No thanks!" proclaims a banner held overhead by a plastic Christ from a work by a Swiss artist (Michel Winterberg) presented at the SEED 2.0 exhibition at the TA3 gallery. The exhibition gathers 8 visual artists from Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan and Poland, who created works that talk about the need to find a balance in the development of our civilization. The artists offer various perspectives on the problem of planet degradation by referring to 17 sustainable development goals formulated in 2015 by the UN General Assembly.

We will see terracotta sculptures created with the help of rubbish (Akira Sakashita) and a hypnotizing island flooded by waves (Matthias Gubler), we will face the Modulor-Cyclops, who in the place of man has become the measure and model of modern civilization (Alek Slon) and we will immerse into the super-reality of plastic pixels (Yuka Numata). Landscapes created in the traditional technique of colored ink and anthropomorphic hills will take us to the land of harmony and unity between man and nature (Hua Chang, Chien-Ying Tseng), and the carbonized and burned inside trunks (Magda Fokt) will remind us of the past, when man worshiped huge trees.

The first edition of the exhibition took place in Hungary during the Art Market Budapest in October last year. After visiting Warsaw, it will then travel to Japan and Taiwan, and in September 2022 it will be shown in Switzerland. In Warsaw, the works can be viewed from February 16 to 20, from 15:00 to 19:00 in the TA3 gallery. The SEED 2.0 project was prepared in cooperation with the Swiss a-Space gallery, and the Swiss Embassy in Poland took its patronage over it. The vernissage is scheduled for February 15 at 19.

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