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“Atlantide” project is all about Rome, and in the same time all about myths and perceptions . Collective and individual myths which influence our social and personal life.

I have started this project with mapping out 12 places in Italian capital, where I lived for 5 years.

One of the places was my flat in via Solivetti, which was not far from the place where Aldo Moro (Italian prime minister) was taken hostage and five members of his guard were shot.

The70-ties in the city of Rome is still considered as The Golden Age with its old-fashioned vespa scooters and glamorous women in trendy coffee-bars. This period was also called „anni di piompo” (the years of plumb) – the most dramatic age in the history of Italy after the second World War.

The Aldo Moro’s kidnaping and murder is a JFK-like case – a mystery which details have never been completely clarified.

The bright and the dark side of Rome of this period are both myths and are still essential and present parts of nowadays.

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